Eastern Section AAPG

46th Annual Meeting, Morgantown, West Virginia


Welcome to the AAPG Eastern Section 46th Annual Meeting.

The 2017 Eastern Section Meeting of the AAPG, is being held in Morgantown, West Virginia, Sept. 24-27 at the Waterfront Marriott on the banks of the Monongahela River, in the heart of Appalachian Unconventional Shale Country.

Each registration includes 2 breakfast, 2 lunches and 2 dinners along with the Core Workshop. Icebreaker/Opening Session begins on Monday evening.

The 2017 Meeting has been designed to be informative, enjoyable and cost effective.

If you will arrive in Morgantown on Saturday, September 23 or Sunday, September 24, there are a couple of special events which might be of interest:

For information about things to see and do in Morgantown, visit - http://www.tourmorgantown.com/

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Meeting Overview

Dates: September 24th-27th, 2017
Location: Marriott Hotel Morgantown, West Virginia

Program and Abstract

We look forward to seeing you in Morgantown!

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Schedule of Events
Sunday, September 24th
What the “H” Pennsylvanian-Cambrian/Ordovician Field Trip Starts
Field Trips

Monday, September 25th
Deckers Creek Field Trip
Sponsored by YP's
Icebreaker/ Dinner
4pm Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront Place
Oliverio’s with live music
Description and Map
Agenda for Opening Session and Awards Ceremony
What the “H” Pennsylvanian-Cambrian/Ordovician Field Trip Ends

Tuesday, September 26th
Talks and Poster
Keynote Address
Following dinner into the evening

Wednesday, September 27th
Technical Program Continued
Talks and Poster
Meeting Adjourns

Workshops and Programs

Appalachian Basin Core Workshop with Posters and Discussion

Sponsored by AGS

Date: Tuesday September 26th, 2017

Time: 7pm to ?

Location: Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Partial listing of cores includes:

  • Berea-Kentucky
  • Genesee-Onondaga, Doddridge County, WV
  • Marcellus-Monongalia Co, WV
  • Martinsburg (Utica-Pt Pleasant)-Wood Co, WV
  • Salina-Marshall Co, WV
  • Rogersville-Wayne Co, WV

Photo of portion of Salina core from Marshall County, West Virginia
Photo of portion of Salina core from Marshall County, West Virginia
Technical Program
8:00 am - Noon
Oral Session 1: Approaches to Improve Reservoir Performance
Oral Session 2: Overview and Regional Impact of Shale Production

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Oral Session 1: Energy and Environment
Oral Session 2: Unconventional Plays

8:00 am - Noon
Oral Session 1: Devonian-Mississippian Petroleum Systems
Oral Session 2: Geologic and Engineering Approaches to Reservoirs

Exhibitors and Sponsorships

Exhibit at the AAPG meeting in the heart of the biggest gas basin in North America

The eastern United States and the Eastern Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists covers one of the most dynamic petroleum provinces in North America stretching across three centuries from the Drake well to the shale revolution of the last decade. Exhibitors will be reaching geoscientists from industry and the public sector. A limited number of spaces are available for commercial and non-commercial displays. You can register online. Questions can be directed to:

Tim Carr



Pete Sullivan



Field Trips

Learn More about the ES-AAPG Field Trips
ESAAPG Corridor H Field Trip Description

Will depart by bus from the Waterfront Hotel at 7AM on Sunday Sept 24 and will return to Waterfront at 5pm on Sept 25.

This two day field trip will allow participants to examine rock outcrops ranging in age from Ordovician through Pennsylvanian along a relatively new stretch of highway with fantastic exposures (US 48, or "Corridor H") and farther south along US 33. The trip will be a west-east traverse from the Allegheny Plateau across the Allegheny Front and into the Valley and Ridge province in eastern West Virginia.

Field Trip details (pdf)

Route of Field Trip
Figure 1 - Route of Field Trip

Corridor H Outcrop and Highway
Marcellus Outcrop with Geiger counter
Dragons Tongue
Faulted Fold in Foreknobs outcrop
Seneca Rocks
Reedsville-Martinsburg Outcrop
Paleoseismites in Spechty Kopf
Paleoseismites in Spechty Kopf
Geologic Map with Route
Figure 2 - Images of Field Trip Stops
ESAAPG Deckers Creek Field Trip Description

Deckers Creek Will depart from Waterfront Hotel at 1pm on Sept 25.

Come join us for a leisurely bicycle ride down the Deckers Creek Rail Trail. The AAPG Young Professionals are sponsoring the trip. Departure will be by vans from the lobby of the Waterfront Hotel Monday at 1:00pm and will return to the hotel prior to the icebreaker. There will be stops for a snack and possible side excursion to a local pub.

The route parallels the creek through a deep water gap in Chestnut Ridge, formed by the Chestnut Ridge Anticline. Rocks exposed along the way, dating from the Upper Pennsylvanian to the Middle Mississippian periods, preserve the transition from a passive continental margin to the to the alluvial plains developed in the shadow of the rising ancestral Appalachian Mountains. The course of Deckers Creek roughly follows the trend of perpendicular joint sets in the bedrock, while the rocks’ varying resistance to weathering creates changes in the slope along the way. In all, the trail drops nearly 1000 feet over a distance of 16 miles and crosses the western boundary separating the High and Low Appalachian Plateau physiographic provinces.

The trail occupies the former Morgantown and Kingwood (M&K) Railroad right-of-way which once connected the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to the east with the railroads of the Monongahela River Valley. The M&K transported coal, limestone, and sand, the latter used by the glass industry in the Morgantown area. Although most mining operations have been abandoned, Greer Industries still operates a limestone quarry next to the trail.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own helmets if possible, although extras will be provided. It would also be helpful to know your inseam for bicycle sizing purposes. Snacks and beverages will be provided along the way.

Figure 2

Figure 2
Program Committee
General Co-Chairs
Pete Sullivan
Tim Carr
West Virginia University

Emily Jordan
Northeast Natural Energy

Meeting Logistics
Joe Cook

Technical Program
K Lee Avary
Consulting Geoscientist
Tim Carr
West Virginia University

Finance and Registration
Ed Rothman
Consulting Geoscientist

Publicity and Social Media
Drew Waggener
Triana Energy

Field Trips
Paula Hunt
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
Joe Lebold
West Virginia University

Core Workshop
Phil Dinterman
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
Jessica Moore
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey

Frank LaFone
WV GIS Technical Center

Student Expo

Learn More about the Student Expo

Monday September 25, 2017

10:00am to 1:00pm with potential for interviews to follow

Lunch Provided

Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Morgantown, WV

This year the Student Expo will be in association with the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section AAPG in Morgantown, West Virginia. The dates for the meeting are 24-27 September, 2017. The event will start at 10:00am with a brief talk for an industry representative, followed by round robin networking discussion where students rotate and talk to industry professionals and capped by a networking luncheon. Students will be able to interact with the professionals hosting the tables and network with professionals and fellow students over an informal pizza lunch.

Industry Represenatives

A great way to judge technical and presentation skills in an informal setting and target additional interviewees. Private areas can be arranged for continued interviews during the annual meeting. The ES-AAPG goes from Wisconsin to eastern Canada to Georgia and covers a number of schools with strong programs that are not on the usual recruiting calendar. A spreadsheet of registered students with contact information and resumes will be provided to you prior to the meeting. Given last year’s response, we expect a large number of students from across the section. Please consider sponsoring a table during the event at $250. Additional support is always welcome and will be recognized. Contact Tim Carr (tim.carr@mail.wvu.edu) for additional information.


A letter will be going out to the AAPG student chapters and all geoscience departments in the Eastern Section repeating much of this information. Due to the support of generous sponsors the Student Expo is FREE. However, please consider registering for the annual meeting. Student registration for the meeting is only $50. Students, register for the Expo by sending an email with contact information including your school to Tim Carr (tim.carr@mail.wvu.edu). Short resumes are encouraged. All information will be provided to participating companies.