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The objective of the WVWQIP is to provide stakeholders with information about past and current water quality in the 14 counties where the majority of Marcellus Shale gas development in West Virginia has occurred. This collection of data can help inform decisions made by regulators and policymakers, while providing transparency and public outreach opportunities.

Within the WVWQIP, you will find:
  • Water quality data for over 1.3 million surface and ground water samples from 4,953 unique sampling locations aggregated from local, state, and federal organizations
  • Map viewer that allows for quick visualization of monthly mean water quality trends
  • Graphs to visualize temporal water quality trends
  • Story Maps that explain potential water quality impacts associated with energy development and results of research projects
  • Links to partner organizations that provided data and financial support to the portal
  • Links to download the full water quality data set and upload data

The WV Water Quality Impact Portal was developed by the WV GIS Technical Center and the IsoBioGem Laboratory at West Virginia University. Financial support was provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through Exchange Grant #83940901.

Contact Us:

Primary Contact
 Dr. Shikha Sharma
 Professor of Geology
 Director, IsoBioGem Lab
 Department of Geology & Geography

Technical & Data Contacts
Maneesh Sharma Yibing Han Rachel Yesenchak
304-293-6694 304-293-0557 304-293-8253
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Our goal is to provide water quality-related information in an understandable and engaging format. Below you will find Story Maps that explain water quality impacts related to energy development and relevant research project results.

Energy Development and the Effects on West Virginia’s Water: This story map presents a brief overview of energy development in the state and reflects on related water quality impacts

Surface Water Quality Effects of Shale Gas Development: A Case Study from West Virginia: This story map provides background information and results of a small-scale analysis on potential surface water quality effects related to shale gas drilling in the northern panhandle of West Virginia
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Financial support was provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency through Exchange Grant #83940901

Water quality data was provided by:

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

Friends of Deckers Creek