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Download maps and reports generated for the West Virginia Trail Inventory

This map was developed by National Geographic and Esri and reflects the distinctive National Geographic cartographic style in a multi-scale reference map of the world. This reference map includes administrative boundaries, cities, protected areas, highways, roads, railways, water features, buildings and landmarks, overlaid on shaded relief and land cover imagery for added context. The map includes global coverage down to ~1:144k scale and more detailed coverage for North America down to ~1:9k scale.

This map shows political boundaries, populated places, water, roads, urban areas, parks and building footprints. The basemap includes boundaries, city labels and outlines, and major roads worldwide from 1:591M scale to 1:72k scale.

The WV Sheriff's Association received a federal grant in 2009 valued at $3.4 million that allowed for Pictometry International to acquire statewide oblique and orthogonal imagery for public safety visualization software. In 2010-11 the oblique aerial photography company Pictometry captured 12" pixel resolution for the entire state and 4" pixel resolution for populated areas. In 2012 reflights of the 4" imagery were done for select areas. More information: http://www.wvgis.wvu.edu/data/dataset.php?ID=437

This map presents land cover and detailed topographic maps for the United States. The map includes the National Park Service (NPS) Natural Earth physical map at 1.24km per pixel for the world at small scales, i-cubed eTOPO 1:250,000-scale maps for the contiguous United States at medium scales, and National Geographic TOPO! 1:100,000 and 1:24,000-scale maps (1:250,000 and 1:63,000 in Alaska) for the United States at large scales. The TOPO! maps are seamless, scanned images of United States Geological Survey (USGS) paper topographic maps.

This worldwide street map presents highway-level data for the world. This comprehensive street map includes highways, major roads, minor roads, one-way arrow indicators, railways, water features, administrative boundaries, cities, parks, and landmarks, overlaid on shaded relief imagery for added context. The map also includes building footprints for selected areas in the United States and Europe.

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