WV Base Map Viewer

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Quick Start Guide

1. Layers: 8 reference map layers and 15 basemap layers from different vendors are available in this application.

2. Search by / Zoom to: Select one option available to search for features or zoom to a location.

3. Draw and Measure: draw, buffer, measure, and customize shapes on the map.

4. Text Markup: add and customize text markup and point (optional) on the map.

5. Bookmark: add new bookmarks and edit/delete existing ones.

6. Print: print current map view as a PDF document.

7. Share Link: share the online map with the center you define with other users.

8. Add Shapefile: add your own shapefile to the map view.

9. Download Data: download selected GIS dataset(s) a user-defined extent in a user-defined format.

10. Clear Graphics: clear all temporary graphics on the map view.

Search by / Zoom To