GIS Data Help

Static GIS Data

Our static GIS data holdings are intended for professional GIS users and may not be useful or appropriate for all uses. Please consult individual records for data sources to determine if a particular data set or source is appropriate for your individual use. To search for a data set, follow the link in ‘Static Data’ under the ‘Get GIS Data!’ menu item. You can browse holdings by category or search by data set name. The majority of data sets are stored in either shape file or geodatabase format, although other formats are represented. Please consult individual records for more specific information. The static data holdings can be found at:

GIS Services

The GIS Services data is published using ESRI’s ArcGIS Server software. They are accessible via rest methods. Services contain one or more data layers for use by software clients. Various software clients can access the data using a variety of means detailed below. If your client is not listed below, please consult your software’s documentation or help to add ESRI REST Services to your client, if supported.